Terry Weatherby
Terry Weatherby | Principal
Mr. Weatherby joined Grant Reynolds and Gene Weatherby to create this firm in 1990. He has extensive experience in all aspects of structural engineering and is a long time resident of the Foothill region. He has gained experience in dealing with the issues of snow load and winter weatherization techniques while living in the area.
Kevin Fritson
Kevin Fritson | Principal
Mr. Fritson has been in practice for 25 years, and became a partner of Weatherby-Reynolds-Fritson in 2003 after completing the PE exam in April 2002. He is a registered Civil Engineer who has experience in many forms of residential materials and specializes in architectural design.
Grant Reynolds
Grant Reynolds | Principal
Grant Reynolds is a Registered Civil Engineer in California and is a principal partner of Weatherby-Reynolds-Fritson. He joined the Weatherbys to form this company in 1990.