Concrete Tiltup
Cornerstone Church
Tilt-up or tilt-slab is a type of construction technique using precast on-site concrete walls poured over-slab on-grade. After walls are poured and cured they are then lifted up and set in place as a wall of the future building.

Concrete offers unmatched durability, security, and lasting value to building owners and when properly designed and constructed, tilt-up affords the most cost-effective means for an owner to occupy a concrete building.

Tilt-up construction requires significant organization and collaboration on the building site. This increases project complexity but also gives designers more control.

Over the past two decade WRF has been recognized for numerous achievment awards in excellence for outstanding concrete tilt-up concstruction. To learn more about tilt-up construction go to the Tilt-up Concrete Associations (TCA) website at

Cornerstone Church
First Baptist Church